Riley Stove Dutch Oven Cooker Double


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Dutch Oven Cooking & Grilling ~ First Class Style!

  • Set Up Size:  30″L x 15″W x 9″T
  • Set Up Size with Legs:  30″L x 15″W x 23″T
  • D.O.C with Carry Case:  16.5″L x 16.5″W x 7.75″H
  • Total Weight:  28 lbs.
  • Comes with 2 BBQ Grates, 3-sides for a wind screen & Case
  • Made in: USA

The biggest dutch oven that would fix is the Lodge 14″ Deep Camp Dutch Oven.  You could use a 16″ if you took the sides off.

  • Galvanized Steel for Rust Prevention
  • Constructed from 18 gauge to 24 gauge galvanized steel. 18 gauge used at all stress and wear areas. 20 gauge on top.
  • The D.O.C. has a double insulated bottoms that wont burn out.
  • Double air cooled bottom
  • You do not need to add sand or dirt to protect the stove bottom.
  • Compact and Sturdy
  • Light Weight for ease in transportation

Why Galvanized Steel? We use galvanized settle for several reasons. It is non rusting and will last 5 – 10 years than black iron materials.

The Riley Stove’s have been used by packers for many years and Riley Stoves have gained high respect for its durability, longevity, and flexibility.

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