NDUR Flexible Wire Saw 24 inch

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NDUR Flexible Wire Saw

  • Over 110 Lbs. Breaking Strength.
  • Constructed using 8 strands of interwoven stainless steel wire, will easily reach inaccessible places.
  • Unbelievably strong and Extremely Flexible Wire Saw
  • 24″ of Saw Edge will cut through Wood, Plastic, Bone, and even Soft Metal
  • Can also be used as a Snare in a Survival Situation
  • Measures: 26.5″ Long
  • Total Weight: .05 oz.

This Commando Saw has 24 inches of 8 strand braided stainless steel wire. The wire saw can be used to cut a variety of different materials such as branches, bone, and soft metals such as aircraft aluminum.
The Wire Saw can cut in places you wouldn’t be able to get with a larger saw. The benefit in this is obvious to an aircraft crash survivor or someone in the wilderness. Allows the survivor or the pilot to use the structural materials in the downed aircraft, passenger vehicle and/or environmental attributes (i.e. wood, branches) from the surrounding area to make shelters, tools etc.

Field Tip: The wire saw can also be strung between the ends of a bent curved stick to make a bow saw. This survival tool idea is used by military pilots and special operations personnel worldwide.