Lansky Blademedic Pocket Knife Sharpener

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Lansky is known for crafting advanced sharpeners for all kinds of blades, from pocket knives to chef knives. With the Blademedic Knife Sharpener, you can pack the power of a Lansky Sharpener in your pocket. The Blademedic comes to the rescue of dull knives of almost any shape and size, including serrated or regular blades, fishing knives, hunting knives, gut hooks and more. The Lansky Blademedic includes four sharpening tools. For quick maintenance and reconditioning, use the diamond tapered rod. For serrated knives, even with tiny serrations, the Serrated Knife Sharpener does the trick. The tungsten carbide sharpens blades with only a few strokes and the ceramic sharpening rod polishes knives to a finished edge. Never settle for a dull blade with the Lansky Blademedic in your pocket.

Features of Lansky Blademedic Knife Sharpener

  • Sharpening angles are programmed to 22.5º to reach an inclusive angle of 45º
  • Serrated Knife Sharpener hones serrations of all sizes
  • Tungsten carbide revitalizes blades in just a few strokes
  • Diamond tapered rod lets you maintain and recondition blades quickly
  • Ceramic sharpening rods require only a few strokes to polish the blade to a precise edge
  • Made in China

Tungsten Carbide
Just three or four strokes will restore your blade.

Ceramic Sharpening Rods
Polish to a finished edge in three or four strokes.

Serrated Knife Sharpener
Designed to get inside even the smallest serrations.

Diamond Tapered Rod
For fast reconditioning and maintenance.

Sharpening angles are pre-set at 22.5º to achieve a 45º inclusive angle.

Diamond- 600 grit
Ceramic- 1000 grit

The Blademedic® Knife Sharpener is the first responder for field repairs on all types of knife blades. It’s like having an entire knife sharpening system right in your pocket – able to tackle regular or serrated blades, gut hooks, hunting, fishing, – just about any knife using one or all of the following elements: