Hybrid 250 Lumen Solar Flashlight and Charger

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Allows for the charging of ANY USB DEVICE.

  • 250 lumen high, 125 lumen low super bright LED
  • USB port for charging mobile devices
  • Water resistant
  • Floats
  • Solar power with battery backup
  • Extremely durable
  • Provides 16 hours on low beam and 8 hours on high beam
  • Stored for 7 years/retains 90% of original power
  • Built in lithium back up battery included
  • Recharges with any light source or micro USB port for rapid charging
  • Takes 24 – 30 hours to fully charge via Solar
  • Takes 4 hours to fully charge via micro USB
  • Size: 8.5″ long
  • Weighs 7oz
  • Note: For best results, charge the flashlight using a Micro USB cable until the indicator light turns Green
  • To charge a cell phone, use the Standard USB power out charging outlet located on the bottom of the flashlight
    Model No: 1571

Charging Cables come with the Lantern to charge the Flashlight off a USB Port