GSI 12 inch Hard Anodized Dutch Oven


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State of the art in lightweight dutch ovens, our Hard Anodized Dutch Ovens are 1/3 the weight of traditional cast iron dutch ovens. The cast legs make these dutch ovens stack-able for multi-course meal preparation. Moreover, the garnet-hard surface allows for easy clean-up and never needs seasoning.

Made of High-performance, heavy gauge cast aluminum.

Cast aluminum construction weighs 66% less than cast iron and never requires any seasoning.

Hard anodized aluminum provides high-performance efficiency even heat uniformity and easily clean up.

Lid lip holds coals and charcoal for all encompassing heat and oven-like cooking.

10” model nests inside 12” Dutch oven for compact storage.

Fixed legs for stability.

Product Specifications

Major Dimension: 12″

Weight: 6 lbs. 2 oz.

Dimensions: 13.40” x 13.00” x 6.60”

Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum

Product Use: Destination Camping

Dutch Oven and Lid

High-performance, high-efficiency dutch oven at 1/3 the weight


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