A Happy Camper 8.5 inch Folding Lid Rest


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Lid Rest or Extra Legs

  • 8.5″ x 2″

Ever wonder where to put your Dutch Oven lid? Now all you need to do is place it on top of the nice stand. Also great to use for serving. Just put your lid upside down and then put the leg of your Dutch Oven on top of that and you have a nice looking way to sever your food. If your Dutch Oven is missing legs all you need to do is place this under it and you have it. This also folds down to nothing!!! We love it !!

  • Made in: USA 

This Camp Dutch oven lid stand is an exceptionally versatile accessory! Not only can you set your Dutch oven lid on this stand but you can even turn the lid over, set the stand over heat, and use the lid as a griddle! This means that while you’re making gravy in your Dutch oven, you can scramble eggs on the lid. This camp Dutch oven lid stand lets you get the most out of your Dutch oven. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with high temperature finish, this camp Dutch oven lid stand will stand up to the test of time an give you excellent service for years to come!